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Team Heart Grunt: Hana (Femboy/Female) (VRCfury) (Physbones) PC Only

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Features ❤️

Customization ❤️

- Customizable Hood with 4 Options❤️

- Hue Shift for all colored Parts and Eye Emissions❤️

- Saturation Radial❤️

- Hair Options❤️

- Skin Color Radial❤️

Avatar Interactions ❤️

- Immersive Clothing System ❤️ (Lets you and others pull the clothing off your body without the use of a toggle / New Improved version for easier use / Can be turned of as well)

- Grabbable Onesie Butt Flap ❤️

- Fully Interactable Face and Body❤️(Parts of the Face and Body react to you and other ppl getting their fingers close to it)

- 5 Contact Effects ❤️(Interaction for other players, lets them headpat, boop, kiss, high-five and Slap you, toggled individually)

- Toggleable Audio Link ❤️(Avatar Emissions react to the music in Supported worlds)

Body Settings and VRCfury ❤️

- Femboy Chest Toggle ❤️

- Bulge Toggle ❤️

- Elf Ear Radial Toggle ❤️

- VRCfury + Lollipop V4❤️(Avatar Supports all known Features from VRCfury)

Other ❤️

- Dissolve Toggle for all accessories and clothing pieces ❤️

- Custom Rigged Base and Assets ❤️(Big effort went into Rigging and Dynamics of Assets)

- Face gestures ❤️(Sleepy, Angry, Confused and more!)

- VRLabs Marker ❤️(Little pencil to draw with)

- GoGo Locomotion ❤️(For all your Halfbody needs <3)

- FBT ready ❤️(I personally optimized Zinfit Base for Dancing)

- Many other little things ❤️(From scratch Assets, Anchor overrides, Bounding Boxes, Specular reflections on Materials, Ground Collider, No clipping for all Clothing assets, Hair, Ears and Tail into the Body)

Uploading ❤️

Unity 2019.4.31 is needed!

Create new project using the Creator Companion

Make sure the ⚠️SDK is on the newest Version⚠️

Import Poiyomi Pro 7.3.50 and 8.2.014 for Poi Pro version (Not included) or Included Poi Toon.

Import Mochies.Unity.Shader.v1.34.Free (Included)

Install VRCFury! Head here for instructions -->

Import my avatar package

Log in to your account through the VRCSDK and upload!

Purchasing Rules ❤️

1. Do not take any assets on the model, please buy from the original creators

2. Do not share/leak under any circumstances

3. Do not make public under any circumstances

4. Do not reuse my edits under any circumstances

NO refunds after purchasing the model

Credits ❤️

Particle System:

Hair Short:

Hair Long:

Face: Cicieaaa#7777



GoGo Loco:

Creation Tools: Rafa#0069 / fluff#5265


Icons: awmi#6003

Everything else: Heartmarksman#0666 (Me lul)

Thanks to: ❤️

sakuu__ for Posing, thedulle for Creating tha Particle System❤️

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ZIP Folder Including: Poi Unitypackage, Instructions, Avatar Unitypackage

Performance Rating:
Red (Very Poor)
Material Slots:
Skinned Mesh:
Phys Bone Components:
Texture Memory:
153 MB
Ingame Download Size:
49 MB
625 MB
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Team Heart Grunt: Hana (Femboy/Female) (VRCfury) (Physbones) PC Only

57 ratings
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